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Innate Montessori, an environment created to invite the young to learn on a platform that inspires the child to explore, challenge and nourish itself on the educational ladder. Innate Montessori is an institution that has a pure Montessori curriculum which assists the child to develop itself in Practical life experiences, language development (English, Chinese and Hindi), math's and cultural development.

A child absorbs from his environment. Hence it is very important to have a prepared environment that is conducive to learning. The prepared environment provides a sense of order, rhythm and self reliance.

An open environment that serves the development of a child using the Montessori materials as the educational aid/base. The environment is a meticulously prepared to caters to the child's development from the age of eighteen month's to seven years. Children at the younger age are passive learners or in the Montessori terms we call it as indirect preparation for the future. Every child is unique in its own way, hence the Montessori style of education allows the child to explore, grow and glow at its own pace, well supported and assisted by the directress.

The institution shoulders the responsibility of developing the child in totality. Academics is a major part of this total development and along with this we very consciously assist the child in its physical, emotional, social development with strong morals and an principals.